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Holiday Party Etiquette: A Good Host Is a Responsible Host When It Comes to Serving Alcohol Homeowners Can Be Subject to Social Host Liability Laws When Serving Liquor INSURANCE INFORMATION INSTITUTE New York Press Office: (212) 346-5500; READ MORE >>

Know More: Six Financial Strategies to Help Victims Escape Domestic Abuse October 9, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York Press Office: (212) 346-5500;   NEW YORK, October 9, 2013 — Financial security and access to resources can make all the difference to domestic violence victims deciding to leave an abusive relationship. READ MORE >>

Choosing the right insurance policy is much like choosing the right motorcycle. You want it to fit your needs and lifestyle, but at the same time be within your budget. Although most states require you to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage, other types of coverage are usually optional. READ MORE >>

Deer-Vehicle Collisions Down 3.5 Percent, Yet Claims Costs on the Rise September 30, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York Press Office: (212) 346-5500;   NEW YORK, September 30, 2013 — Fall is peak season for deer and auto collisions and that means drivers along t... READ MORE >>

Distracted Driving Activities that take drivers’ attention off the road, including talking or texting on cellphones, eating, conversing with passengers and other distractions, are a major safety threat. Beginning with 2010 data, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) re... READ MORE >>

Wedding Insurance Protect your special day! For many, a wedding can be one of the biggest investments ever made.  It’s right up there along with the purchase of a new vehicle or home.  It makes sense to protect such large investments; why not do the same for your special event? READ MORE >>

The average yearly auto insurance premium is almost $800, but there is wide variation around this average. Many factors can affect your premium. Not all companies use all of these factors, and some might use factors not listed here. Your premium may depend on:   1. Your driving record. READ MORE >>

  Protecting Teenage Drivers Teenagers are four times more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash than adults. Learn how new laws are helping to keep teenagers safer on the road. Spokespersons: Ken Blake, driving instructor; Neil Bernstein, Adolescent Psychologist; Dr. READ MORE >>

March 27, 2013 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York Press Office: (212) 346-5500; NEW YORK, March 27, 2013 — If a family member dies and you don’t know whether he or she purchased an individual life insurance policy, or secured one through a current or pre... READ MORE >>

Keep Your Home Healthy with Gutters Noelle KimbleSeptember 14, 2012 2:31 pmConversation Thread, Featured Articles, Home Sweet Home, Maintenance Every time I’m in my house and hear the rain start to pound on my roof, the only thing that goes through my mind is…gutters. READ MORE >>

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